How do you feel ?

What do you want ?

These are my two questions to you during the first consultation. To bring you to more emotional equilibrium and a step closer to yourself and to happiness. It takes 1 hour and the costs are 35 euros for a consultation plus 15 euro for a specially for you composed combination of remedies in a bottle.

Trouble with : high bloodpressure, sleeplessness, pain in your back, headaches, reumatism, ADHD, no concentration, feeling hopeless, fears, complaints of unknown origin ? Give the Bachblossomremedies a chance to heal you. Working with the new method by Dietmar Krämer I can, after a extensive consultance (with a questionnair and testing the aura) make a proper composition of the Bachflowerremedies for you. In this way I can solve your problems on the emotional level, which will finally have influence on the problems you have on the level of the body, the problems on the bodypart can even pass away.  Bachblossemtherapie can be applied next to the regular medical science and the treatment can be refunded by insurance companies, having a supplemental insurance.

You are welcome in my practice in The Hague, The Netherlands,

Antonia Groeneveld

graduated Bachblossomtherapist, Dietmar Krämer, Madeleine Meeuwissen

graduated in Basic Medical Knowledge

tel. : 0031(0)6 40490162


Contents :

– 1 History of Edgar Bach and his work.Welcome

– 2 The method of Dietmar Krämer.

– 3 About me

– 4 How do I attend to my clients ?

– 5 How to use the remedies, the oils and the stones.

1 History :

The English doctor Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), who had suffered from kidney cancer survived this illness and became interested in natural healing. He went to the classical homeopathic hospital in London for treatment. Later on he wanted to investigate for himself the natural healing power of plants. When he suffered from bad feelings, he went to the forest and just hold his hand above the blooming flowers and chose them by intuition. When his bad/disturbed emotion had disappeared he concluded that this plant could also cure the emotion of others. He started collecting dewdrops from the blossoms of the selected flowers in the early morning. These dewdrops had absorbed the vibrations of the blossoms, which had been exposed to the sunlight. This was the mother-tincture of one remedy. In this way he found blossoms of 38 flowers, plants and trees, each one with healing-power for a disturbed human emotion. He collected the blossoms and boiled them in water in order to extract the vibrations from them. Or sometimes he laid them in water and exposed them for some hours to the sunlight. In the end the remedies contained only the vibrations of the blossoms of a flower, which has an effective healing-power. He gave his patients a 30 ml bottle, putting three drops of the mother-tincture of the needed remedy in it to treat the disturbed emotions. Today the remedies are made in the same way as dr. Bach made them. Besides the Bachremedies I give my patients also Star-remedies, made by Madeleine Meuwesen, a student of Dietmar Kramer. She made remedies of many flowers including the 37 remedies corresponding to the Bachremedies, but having little different vibrations.

2 The method of Dietmar Krämer.

Dietmar Krämer developed a very keen system based on the work of dr. Edward Bach. He wrote 4 books on this subject called : “New therapies with Bachremedies” -At the emotional level Dietmar Krämer found out the benefits of Bachflower- remedies and etheric oils, each one of the oils is connected with one of the Bachflower remedies. -At the mental level he explored the working of half precious stones to restore the disturbed emotion, each of the stones goes with one Bachflower-remedy.

-At the chakra-level and meridian-level he explored the healing power of sounds and colours ( put into water ). The treatment of the meridians with colour-holding lamp (each meridian has its own colour) This method works in the same way as acupuncture treatment, but is not painful. Furthermore he invented the “skin-zones”: more than 200 places on the body, which correspond to one of the 38 Bach-remedies. In those (body)spots the patient experiences (f.i.) pain, coldness or discomfort. It is important for me as therapist to find out at which level the disturbance manifests itself.

About me :


My name is Antonia

The reason I started the Bachblossomremedystudy is that I found out myself that for real healing of my mind and body tenderness and patience are needed. From that moment my sentence has become : “Tender healers will heal deep wounds”. You are welcome in my practice for Bachblossomremedyhealing.

4 How do I attend to my clients ?

The first thing I do is trying to find out which emotions are disturbed by giving you an extensive questionnaire ( 55 questions ) all concerning your emotions. This is the blueprint of your emotional wellbeing. During the first consultation I go through the questionnaire, then I check the “skin-zones”. All 38 Bach-remedies correspond with places on the body/ skin. And also I can test the aura for disturbed emotions. In this way I go for a solid anamnesis. But the most important question is “what does the patient wants to achieve ?” Based on the information from the anamnesis, I will compose for you two bottles containing the remedies you need. By taking the remedies from the first bottle you will experience immediately the benefits of the gentle vibrations of the flower blossoms. The next consultation will be a month later. We go through the questionnaire again and you tell me if some of the disturbed emotions are improved by the remedies. N.B. If you suffer 20 years of one disturbed emotion, it will take 20 months to heal it !
As well as disturbed emotions, problems can also manifest themselves at the mental-, the chakra-, or at the meridianlevel. I can heal all these levels with the Bach-remedies, oils, colours, sounds and stones, which are all interrelated.

5 Reminder how to use the remedies, oils and stones

How to use the remedies.

Please keep the bottle with you everywhere you go! (in the place you visit often during the day, f.i. the kitchen, the toilet, your desk, or into your pocket). It is really important to take six times a day four- six drops 7 days a week. Only then the disturbed emotions will definitely be healed. If the bottle is empty, ask for a new bottle. When you stop using the remedies, although the disturbed emotions are not healed yet, they will simply return. One bottle contains about 300 drops, so after about 2 weeks you will need another bottle.

How to use the oil:.


Rub your whole body (except your face) thinly with the oil in the evening before going to sleep or in the morning after taking a shower. Never use more than one oil at the time. If you want to use another oil, then first take a shower. If you want to have the benefits of two oils, you can wear little bottles with different oils in your pocket. The etheric oils are dissolved in jojoba-oil oil

How to use a stone :.


Before using the stone, please clean it by putting it on a saucer under fresh running water from the tap for five minutes. You will have to clean the stone every week in this manner. Please be careful not to wear the stone at night during your sleep because it can have the opposite/ bad effect on you. You can put the stone in your pocket during the day or hang it around your neck. By intuition you will notice yourself when you don’t need the stone any more, when it has done its job. Very often the stone will be corroded: you will see little wholes in it. This is the disturbed mental energy taken away from you. I wish you much happiness with the healing power of flowers, oils and stones !

You are very welcome in my practice in the Tasmanstraat 143 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Kind regards,

Antonia Groeneveld,

– Graduated Bachblossomtherapist, based on the method of Dietmar Kramer., – Graduated in “basic medical knowledge education”

telephone 0031 (0)6 40490162


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